Campus safety promotion matters

Poster:Post date:2020-11-03
  In response to recent criminal cases causing frequent campus security incidents, students are reminded of the following:
(1) Remind students not to arrive at school too early for school, do not leave campus too late after school, and be sure to accompany or be accompanied by family members as much as possible, and never go through dark alleys or inaccessible places and dangerous places.
(2) Students should cooperate with the school's work and rest time, avoid staying in the classroom alone, do not go to the toilet alone, and avoid going to the remote corners of the campus alone to ensure their own safety.
 (3) Classrooms for after-school clubs and after-school care classes or self-study classes should be centrally arranged to reduce the flow of entrances and exits on floors after school, so as to strengthen the control of personnel access. If you encounter strangers or suspicious persons at school, you should immediately notify the teacher.
(4) When you encounter strangers asking for directions, you can enthusiastically inform them, but you do not need to guide you personally. You should always pay attention to your own safety, and do not listen to others' requests, pay money or leave school with you.
 (5) If you find strangers following outside the school, you should quickly go to a place with more people or the nearest love (convenience) store nearby, and shout loudly to attract the attention of others and seek assistance.
 (6) In case of safety issues, please contact school security staff immediately or call the school security hotline to seek answers. (0953695695)
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