Military Instructor Office




Military training room based on the current work of the three military policy objectives :( a) implement the national defense education, promote universal spiritual mobilization, (ii) to strengthen campus security as a play school student will function, and (iii) the implementation of education service, effectively support school education. Implementation of military training (national defense) teaching, counseling to assist students living on campus safety, etc., enhance service quality, work focused on the implementation of the following:

First, the implementation of the National Defense Education: According to "National Defense Education Act" cum "national defense mobilization preparation method," the national defense general education, to promote "national defense, national defense" concept, in order to implement the national defense education.

Second, the construction of campus disaster management mechanism: the instructor should help schools to actively establish disaster management mechanism, according to the mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery in four phases, with the first hair-style management approach to reduce the harm of natural disasters and man-made disasters on campus.

Third, the implementation of "Chunhui Project" work to achieve healthy school goals.

Fourth, the implementation of the Ministry of Education 1412 project (to improve campus security strengthened as): In order to improve campus security, in order to achieve the purpose of creating a friendly campus, effective prevention and control of school violence, bullying, poor organization on campus intervention forces. The current campus violence against the most serious harm to the security of the campus, bullying, poor organization and drug abuse intervention forces and other issues, the school should be combined with policing, legal and social political force, through the "knowledge, investigation, auxiliary, reported that the office" means, in the county and city governments of school safety will be reported, and research to mention specific processes, smooth reflect and report pipeline, unified reception counter, provide counseling, immediate and effective treatment campus risk security incidents and maintain campus security, and reached eradicate school violence, and create a healthy and friendly campus Target.

Fifth, careful life counseling: The counseling of students, regardless of school for students in need, emphasis on job skills, do our best to fulfill our responsibility of service and counseling. Another requirement according to the Ministry of Education and school characteristics, develop student life counseling control table and implement (a) traffic safety education, (b) accommodation counseling, (c) counseling extracurricular activities, and (iv) the establishment of the students' basic information, (e) legal knowledge (including anti-fraud) cum anti-drug lectures, (vi) family contact visits, (vii) National Service National Student instructors, (eight) work-study student counseling.

Six, implementation of the popular spiritual mobilization: knowledge and ability to teach the National Defense Education :( a) through the Defense General Education (National Defense Education) curriculum, knowledge and ability to teach national defense education, students patriotism, love township will enhance the sense of urgency, the heart of the anti-establishment and protection Anti-reaching spiritual education of national defense objectives. (B) the promotion of national defense activities: In order to expand the idea to promote the national defense, schools should be entertaining the way, the spirit of national defense mobilization policy office related activities, and encourage the active participation of teachers and students, to deepen the national defense education and promoting teachers and students on the participation and support of defense affairs.

Seven, to motivate students to experience activities firing :( a) in accordance with the school calendar and range condition passage coordination, coordination and liaison with the Ministry of Education, Nantou County, scheduled implementation date. (B) in accordance with the Department of Defense Shooting Range passage arrangement provisions of the national army units confirm Shooting Range area contact the flow path, arranged the shooting schedule, and with the completion of the relevant units of the security agreement is signed.

Secondly, for the military service personnel, as follows: military training instructors moved tone, military appraisal, Jin and Jin any branch operations, military personnel abroad sightseeing, visiting relatives, business-cum-military training instructors volunteer to serve to stay standing service officers, veterans decommissioned (lift convened), recommended training, postgraduate and continuing education (less than one year in any instructor who can not apply for training), tired Zhang Gong change jobs, apply for Syria Jhongcin Medal awarded the job, and reward the use of merit grade point operations officer job seniority issued badge of honor , military identity card and handed in to change up.

Another military handle logistics operations, as follows :( a) uniform system up, (b) mechanical bomb military education management, and (iii) the balance of military reconstruction Juanshe sale price, (d) the military physical examination, (v) National Health Insurance, ( six) military insurance, (vii) retirement fund Fu, (eight) private schools treatment operations, (ix) the application of the living allowance, (j) disability pension.


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