Anti-fraud education advocacy

Poster:Post date:2021-07-18
  1. Due to the epidemic and the summer vacation, there are many online auction frauds. To avoid frauds when the same students are shopping online, please refer to the following information:
(1) The Police Department of the Ministry of the Interior recently produced "Fraud Prevention Cafe, Propaganda and Easy Listening-Artist Li Qianna Anti-fraud Propaganda Video" to learn about new fraud tactics.
(2) By linking or using the announcement information on the "165 National Anti-fraud" website of the Police Department of the Ministry of the Interior or downloading the "Fraud Prevention Expert" LINE@ to help identify whether it is a fraud technique, you can also directly dial the 165 anti-fraud consultation hotline for verification. Avoid being deceived.
2. The above information is shared from the "165 Civil Anti-fraud" website (URL: https://165.npa.gov.tw).
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